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Someone once lamented, “If I had managed my money well, half of my problems in life could have been avoided!”.  It was with this premise that this book was born. It will teach you how to manage your income to achieve a fabulous financial outcome.

In an increasingly fast-paced world, you cannot afford any financial disasters that will derail many of your life goals. Issues such as the ways of retiring comfortably, the difficulty in saving money, the rising cost of education and many others are tackled head on. Seemingly complicated financial matters will become easier to handle when all the details – benefits, pitfalls, and so on – are laid out.

Start a journey where you get a plan which suits your lifestyle, dreams and priorities. Onwards to a great financial outcome!

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  1. Hi Amelia, my name is Catherine. I am an academician and doing my challenge status for CFP end of this year. While attending lesson for M4 and revision classes for M2 and M3, I find out that I need more books to enhance my learning. Hence, I tell myself I need a CFP related guidance book. To my suprise when I saw your one-and-only book in Popular Aeon Kulai, I bought it without hesitation. It took me a week to finish the book. First of all, I would like to say that I love your book so much. The way you write, with real life examples and quotes, enables me to picture it while reading. It is so true and I cannot stop saying “Yes” for each and every real story. Second, I find that it is helpful for those who need a practical guidance on saving themselves in the financial pool with limited financial knowledge. To me, I tried to link the figures on some calculation pages with the financial calculator such as pg184 that involves the salary growth rate and the investment annual returns. Just a suggestion that if you could include the calculation steps in appendix 4. Not only this, I find it useful when you suggested some books (including Financial Snacks and Joyce Chuah’s book on investing), it would be useful if you can include the cover page of those books at the end of the appendix. Last but not least, I am interested to know whether you are writing for any newspaper or magazine,guiding the readers how to plan for their finance, so that I can “subscribe” your article in preparing for my M4 in coming December. Those real life scenarios are going to be my case studies examples while preparing for M4. Once again, thank you for your initiative and hard work to complete and publish this book. It is real handy for newbie like me to prepare for my CFP paper.

    Thank you for sharing with us,(the reader) the life experiences that you have worked so hard to refine. I trust your book will soon be on the best seller list. Best wishes to you.

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